Amalar Civil War

Approximately 80 years ago, the king of Amalar, King Nathaniel Amala, was assassinated.

Those close to the royal family blame the crown prince Julian Amala for the assassination, claiming that he had orchestrated (or himself performed) the treacherous deed. The court steward claimed that King Nathaniel was going to appoint a successor other than Julian, and that Julian killed the king in order to take power.

Julian and his court members denied all such claims. When many nobles in the north refused to acknowledge Julian as the true king, he sought to make an example of those who would not follow his lead. He rounded up the heads of a few prominent noble families and had them executed.

This treatment of noble lords and ladies who had, for generations, been loyal to the Amala family, ultimately divided the nation.

Julian moved his followers and court to Svar, a mountaintop stronghold on the southern border. From there, Julian joined forces with dwarves from the south.

The two factions fought for decades, often hampered by the harsh conditions in the mountains that stretch between what are now the two nations.

Amalar Civil War

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